Case of the Week: Supernumerary teeth and Impaction 2

This week I have a case of 2 for 1 (two findings on one radiograph). 😀 The first is the impaction of the mandibular molars.  If you look at the patients left, you’ll see the crowns of the two molars appearing as if they are in occlusion in the mandible.  The second finding is that there are two supernumerary teeth or distodens.  Count carefully and you will see there are a total of four molars on both the right and left side of the patient.  The image below is a reconstructed pantomograph (and the red lines are the mandibular canal tracings).

For more radiographic examples of supernumerary teeth check out my page on supernumerary teeth.


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2 thoughts on “Case of the Week: Supernumerary teeth and Impaction

  • kieran

    wow that is quit a unigue opt, impacted 8’s are a tricky enough suppernumery 8’s at those angles would make for a horrible extraction and with the nerve so close is paralisis a possibility

    soon to train as a dental therapist