Abrasion 5

Definition: The non-physiologic wearing of the teeth.  This can be caused by toothbrushes, hairpins, toothpicks and many more.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Seen in the cervical region on the facial surfaces when caused by a toothbrush.  Toothpick abrasion tends to be interproximal.  Hairpin abrasion is seen on the incisal edges.

Edge: Well-defined with a portion of tooth missing where the object is frequently placed.

Shape: Toothbrush abrasion – linear. Other abrasion will have the same shape as the object that is wearing away the tooth structure.

Internal:  Radiolucent area where tooth structure is missing.

Other: None.

Number: May be single or multiple.

(click image to enlarge)

Toothbrush abrasion

(left – yellow line showing radiolucent area in cervical region of tooth) (right – without yellow line)

Toothbrush abrasion

(note the linear radiolucent area on the premolars)

Toothpick abrasion

(note the notch between the central incisors due to frequent placement of a toothpick)

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