How To Upload A Case

How to upload a case:

We use a program called Hightail to safely and securely transfer data.   This ensures that the data transfer is HIPAA approved and encrypted for the safety of the patient.  Follow the steps below to upload a case.  For more detailed instructions click the link below or email Dr. Gonzalez at [email protected].

Step 1

Export the DICOM data from your CBCT software.

Step 2

Zip the exported file (Hint – right click on the file)

Step 3

Click the word HERE below to upload.

Step 4

Drag your zipped file(s) to the center box or select “pick from your computer” and find the file where it was saved as a zipped file. (Depending on the file size, this step may take a little while.)

Step 5  

On the left side of the page fill out your name, email, the subject and include your specific request in the message field.

Step 6

Hit “send” to submit and upload your case. An email notification will be immediately sent to our radiologist for a timely review.

Click HERE to upload: