Definition: A calcification in the maxillary sinus.  This calcification may be of long standing mucous or foreign bodies, including tooth fragments.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Maxillary sinuses.

Edge: Well-defined, smooth or irregular outline.

Shape: Round, ovoid.

Internal: Radiopaque, may have a ‘laminated’ appearance with radiopaque and radiolucent bands evident due to continued laying down of calcium salts.  (This looks similar to layers of an onion.)

Other: None

Number: May be single of multiple.

TIP: Evaluate that the radiopaque area does not appear to be attached to a border of the maxillary sinus. If it appears to be attached to a border on multiple images, an antral exostoses/antral projection should be considered.

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(arrow pointing to well-defined radiopaque area not attached to the border of the maxillary sinus)


(without arrow)


(superior to the maxillary right first molar – # 3)

antrolith in left maxillary sinus

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