radiographic quality evaluation

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Posterior Bitewing Radiographs

Now onto evaluation of bitewing radiographs and what to look for. 1. The teeth to be captured are recorded on the radiograph. This means that no portion the crown is cut off on the radiograph. 2. A minimum of 2 mm of alveolar crest in both the maxilla and mandible […]

Radiographic Quality Evalution: Periapical Radiographs

Today is the first of two posts on intraoral radiographic quality evaluation.  For those who are looking for a series on pantomograph radiographic quality evaluation there are 4 posts that can be found here – ideal pantomograph quality, bad pantomograph quality – part 1, bad pantomograph quality – part 2, […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 3)

The last two criteria – 5 and 6. 5. Patient has tongue to roof of the mouth and lips around bite block or closed together gently. Error: Patient does not have tongue to roof of the mouth creating a radiolucent band over the maxillary teeth. Note the radiolucent band over […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 2)

Onto criteria 3 and 4. 3. Frankfort horizontal plane is positioned on the correct anatomical landmarks creating a slight concave occlusal plane. Error: Improper patient positioning of the Frankfort horizontal plane in the unit causing distortion of the final image. Note the V-shaped occlusal plane Correction: Move chin superiorly and […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 1) 1

This week will be covering the first 2 criteria for an ideal pantomograph and what happens to the final image when they are not met. 1. Patient has anterior teeth in notches on bite block. Error: Patient positioned too far anteriorly or posteriorly in the unit creating minification (too far […]