Case of the Week: Internal Resorption treated with endodontic therapy

This week I have a case of internal resorption that was treated with endodontic therapy.  Internal resorption presents as a well-defined radiolucent area that is continuous with the pulp chamber and/or root canal space causing an overall enlargement in size.  Here it is evident on a maxillary central incisor. And […]

Case of the week: Internal Resorption on CBCT

This weeks case is a severe example of internal resorption as seen on cone beam CT.  Internal resorption presents as enlargement of the pulp chamber and/or root canal space. Reconstructed pantomograph (Metal in left  anterior mandible is due to previous reconstruction and mandibular fracture) Cross-sectional view (Note enlarged root canal […]

Case of the Week: Invasive cervical resorption

This week I am showing a case of a specific kind of external resorption (invasive cervical resorption).  This form of resorption occurs in the cervical region of a tooth.  There have been many different causes for this resorption suggested such as trauma, orthodontic movement, intracoronal bleaching, periodontal root scaling, etc.  […]