phosphor plates

Artifacts: Digital – Computed Radiography (CR) / phosphor plates

Increased density E (increased exposure to x rays) E =↑ Exposure (x rays) This occurs when the phosphor plate is overexposed (i.e. using a molar setting for an anterior radiograph). Increased density due to incorrect time setting. Decreased density E (decreased exposure to x rays) E (increased exposure to visible […]

ROC curves in Dentistry 2

This week I’m focusing on ROC curves in dentistry and the different imaging modalities (primarily film versus digital).  As these numbers can change based on the research being performed and the reviewers of those radiographs, I thought the best way to break this all down is to give a short […]

Digital radiography: Detector Sensitivity

This last post on digital radiography is on detector sensitivity.  This is probably the most talked about characteristic of digital radiography when the systems are being hyped.  Detector sensitivity is the ability of the sensor/phosphor plate to respond to small amounts of radiation.  There is no term used to measure […]