Digital Radiography

Digital radiography: Detector Sensitivity

This last post on digital radiography is on detector sensitivity.  This is probably the most talked about characteristic of digital radiography when the systems are being hyped.  Detector sensitivity is the ability of the sensor/phosphor plate to respond to small amounts of radiation.  There is no term used to measure […]

Digital radiography: Detector Latitude

This weeks topic on digital radiography is detector latitude.  Detector latitude is the ability of a receptor to capture a range of x ray exposures.  The term used to describe this is magnitude.  Analog film has a large range of magnitudes from 0.5 to 4, however, only under bright illumination […]

Digital radiography: Spatial resolution

This weeks topic on digital radiography is spatial resolution.  Spatial resolution is the capacity for distinguishing fine detail in an image.  The term used to identify this is line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm).  The higher the spatial resolution, the greater the capacity for distinguishing fine detail.  An average observer is […]