Coronal fractures

Definition: A coronal (crown) fracture is a fracture of the coronal portion of the tooth.  This is commonly caused by trauma to the oral cavity but can also be due to caries.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Can be associated with any tooth.  Single cusped teeth are more commonly effected.  The maxillary incisors are more common than the mandibular incisors.

Edge: The crown will have a sharp line with a portion of the crown not present.

Shape: Altered shape of the crown of the tooth.

Internal: Radiolucent area where tooth structure is missing.

Other: None.

Number: Can be either single or multiple.

(click image to enlarge)

Coronal fracture maxillary right central incisor (#8)

(left – with arrow) (right – without arrow)

Coronal fracture

(both the central incisors are fractured)

Coronal fracture

(Note the missing portion of the mandibular left lateral incisor (#26) near the mesio-incisal edge)

Coronal fracture

(note the sharp line through the maxillary right second premolar (#4) creating a radiolucent crown as only one cusp fractured)

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