Sialolith 1

Definition: A stone in the duct of a salivary gland.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Most commonly associated with submandibular salivary gland followed by parotid salivary gland and sublingual salivary gland, respectively.

Edge: Well-defined.

Shape: Smooth to irregular mass.

Internal: Radiopaque, may have a ‘laminated’ appearance with radiopaque and radiolucent bands evident due to continued laying down of calcium salts.  (This looks similar to layers of an onion.)

Other: May be visible near mandibular molar and premolar apices on periapicals, mandibular true occlusal radiograph is recommended view to determine nature of calcification.

Number: Typically single, but can be multiple.


(circle – irregular shaped masses evident in floor of mouth region)

Sialolith – right

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