Radiographic Interpretation 4

Here you can find a complete list of all the pages with radiographic description of entities seen on radiographs with examples.  Some entities will have more examples than others due to the frequency with which they are seen in a clinical setting.  This site is a work in progress and will continue to grow with more entities and radiographic examples as I acquire them.  Enjoy!

Updated August 1, 2017


Benign Neoplasms »


(odontogenic – epithelial)

(odontogenic – mesenchymal)


Cysts of the Jaws »

Inflammatory Diseases »

Maxillary Sinuses »

Other »

Skeletal Developmental Abnormalities »

Soft Tissue Calcifications / Ossifications »

Tooth Anomalies »


(eruption abnormalities)

(number variations)

(shape variations – generalized)

(shape variations – localized)

(size variations)

Trauma to the Teeth »

(bone healing)




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4 thoughts on “Radiographic Interpretation

  • fifi

    Hi Dr. Gonzalez.

    D1 here. I was wondering if you could explain how we can tell what quadrant we are looking at? Whether or not its right or left?

    Thanks, ive learned alot looking at your radiographs on twitter.

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      When looking at radiographs, the main thing to remember is it’s as if you are looking at the patient. So all the radiographs on your (the viewers) right is the patients left. Typically the radiographs are positioned with the anterior teeth towards the middle and posterior teeth towards the outside/lateral aspects. So if you see a radiograph of the maxillary teeth with the distal most molar (for example a third molar) to the viewers right it is the patients left side. Please let me know if you have any other questions and glad to hear you enjoy the twitter. 🙂

  • Ruokokoski Tarja

    Hello! I am a dentist (and a teacher) . I am asking if I have a permission to use your radiograp -pictures in this site.

    Best wishes Tarja Ruokokoski

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author


      Yes, please feel free to use these images for teaching purposes. I only ask that you cite where you found them. If you’d like to see any specific topics that you feel the site needs more information on, please let me know.

      Thanks. 🙂