Tonsiliths 2

Definition: Calcifications in the tonsillar crypts.

Clinical Features: Tonsiliths clinically present as yellow-white stones in the tonsillar crypts.  They range in size from millimeters to centimeters. A few studies have linked tonsiliths with halitosis (bad breath).  I have been told tonsiliths ‘smell like death’ from a person who had them come out while rinsing their mouth with Listerine.

Radiographic Features:

Location:Superimposed over the ramus and angle of the mandible on pantomographsAxial and Coronal views = lateral to airway and medial to ramus of mandible
Edge:Well-defined, smooth to irregular outlineWell-defined, smooth to irregular outline
Shape:Round to irregular massesRound to irregular masses
Other:Unilateral or bilateralUnilateral or bilateral
Number:Single or multipleSingle or multiple

Tonsiliths – 2D

(1st image = bilateral with arrows and 2nd image without arrows)

Tonsiliths – Bilateral


Tonsiliths – CBCT

Axial view (CBCT) – tonsilith seen lateral and slightly anterior to airway and medial to ramus of right side of the mandible (green arrow)
Coronal view (CBCT) – multiple tonsiliths seen medial to ramus of left side of the mandible (yellow arrow)

More examples in case of the week posts

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