To appease my place of work here is a legal disclaimer: I am creating this website as an individual.  This site represents my own positions, thoughts and opinions.  In other words, this site is all my work and has nothing to do with my job.  I guess they wanted more so here it goes.  The radiographs shown on this site have been collected throughout my dental career as well as have been shared with me by colleagues throughout the world.  Just because a radiograph is shown here it does not mean it was necessarily made at my place of work.

In compliance with HIPAA, all patient information has been removed from the available images. I cannot share any other information regarding patient care of specific cases due to HIPPA.  While the histories are compatible with the diagnoses, they have been modified from the “real life” patient histories to respect the privacy of patients. DrGstoothpix.com is purely for the purpose of open access online education about oral and maxillofacial radiology.

If you have a dental or medical condition that you are concerned about, please consult your local dentist or primary care physician.

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