Dens Invaginatus

Definition: Infolding of enamel from the occlusal or incisal surface of a tooth.  A more severe infolding which includes 50% of the canal space or more is dens in dente (tooth in a tooth).  With dens in dente the affected tooth will still have a general tooth shape.  The most severe infolding is referred to as a dilated odontome.  This infolding results in a tooth that does not have a general tooth shape.

Radiographic Features:

Location: Most commonly found associated with the maxillary lateral incisors in the root canal.

Edge: Well-defined.

Shape: Inverted teardop shape.

Internal: Radiopaque, radiopacity of enamel.

Other: may be so severe as to enlarge the canal of the root.

Number: Singular with each tooth, may be multiple in the mouth.

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dens invaginatus

(left – with arrow showing infolding of enamel) (right – without arrow)

dens invaginatus

dens invaginatus