Radiographic exams

Radiographic Quality Evalution: Periapical Radiographs

Today is the first of two posts on intraoral radiographic quality evaluation.  For those who are looking for a series on pantomograph radiographic quality evaluation there are 4 posts that can be found here – ideal pantomograph quality, bad pantomograph quality – part 1, bad pantomograph quality – part 2, […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 3)

The last two criteria – 5 and 6. 5. Patient has tongue to roof of the mouth and lips around bite block or closed together gently. Error: Patient does not have tongue to roof of the mouth creating a radiolucent band over the maxillary teeth. Note the radiolucent band over […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 2)

Onto criteria 3 and 4. 3. Frankfort horizontal plane is positioned on the correct anatomical landmarks creating a slight concave occlusal plane. Error: Improper patient positioning of the Frankfort horizontal plane in the unit causing distortion of the final image. Note the V-shaped occlusal plane Correction: Move chin superiorly and […]