Case of the week: Antrolith and Sinusitis 4

This weeks case has a few things going on in one of the maxillary sinuses.  There are three different findings in the left maxillary sinus: an antrolith, sinusitis, and a maxillary sinus septum.

An antrolith is a calcification within the maxillary sinuses.

Sinusitis is thickening of the soft tissue of one or multiple sinuses.

A maxillary sinus septum is a bony projection from the border of the maxillary sinus into the air space.

Coronal view showing an increased radiopacity of the left maxillary sinus with the radiopacity of soft tissue consistent with sinusitis (orange arrow) and a well-defined radiopaque entity within the sinusitis consistent with an antrolith (black arrow).

Sagittal view showing sinusitis (orange arrow), antrolith (black arrow) and a well-defined vertical radiopaque line with the radiopacity of bone consistent with a maxillary sinus septum (blue arrow)

If you have any questions on any of these three findings, please let me know.  Thanks and enjoy!

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