Case of the week: Third Molar in Maxillary Sinus 2

This weeks case topic is an interesting finding of a maxillary third molar developing in the maxillary sinus adjacent to a supernumerary tooth on a CBCT scan.  Interpretation: This case shows a mixed radiolucent/radiopaque entity in the right maxillary sinus.  The radiopacity is that of tooth structure.  The appearance is consistent with a developing third molar prevented from its typical location (near the crest of the alveolar ridge) by another tooth (supernumerary tooth).

Reconstructed pantomograph showing mixed radiolucent/radiopaque entity in right maxillary sinus (orange arrow).

Axial view – showing radiopacity is that of tooth structure.

Coronal view

Sagittal view

Cross-sectional slices

I realize this is just a few screenshots from a CBCT scan, but these should be adequate to show the basics of this case.  If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

This weeks case topic was requested by Dr. P. Mukherji –  Thanks for the great ideas and keep an eye out in the coming weeks showing the other case topics you requested as well. 🙂

If anyone else would like to see specific cases in the case of the week, please leave me a comment and I will see what I can do.  Thanks and enjoy!

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