Case of the Week: Ankylosis (bilateral)

This week I have a fun case of bilateral ankylosis along with an educational video by the Dental Class of 2015.  (Note the location of the primary molars in relation to the plane of occlusion.)  At first glance on the bitewing radiographs, the ankylosis is easily identifiable on the patients left side showing the primary molars are not on the plane of occlusion while nothing is visible on the right side.

ankylosis primary molars bitewing radiograph

ankylosis primary second molar bitewing radiographThe periapical radiographs show the ankylosis of both the left primary molars and the right second primary molar which have failed to erupt to the plane of occlusion.

ankylosis primary molars periapical radiograph

ankylosis primary second molar periapicalAnd here is one of many to come educational videos about ankylosis by Ashley Leming and Krista Haake. 😀

If you have any questions or comments about ankylosis, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

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