superior foramina of the nasopalatine canal

Anatomy Monday: Foramina on Intraoral Radiographs 1

Today I thought I’d go with a little refresher of foramina visible on intraoral radiographs specifically periapical radiographs.  There will be a total of 4 I’m covering, 2 each in the maxilla and mandible.  So onto the maxilla first. Incisive Foramen The incisive foramen is the inferior opening of the […]

Anatomy Monday: Top anatomy of 2013

Here are the most viewed Anatomy Monday posts of 2013. 5. Anterior nasal spine 4. Superior foramina of the nasopalatine canal 3. Nasolabial fold 2. Mental foramen 1. Incisive foramen If there are any other anatomical entities you’d like to see covered in the upcoming posts, please leave a comment […]

Anatomy Monday: Superior Foramina of the Nasopalatine Canal 1

Now that all the foramina of the mandible have been covered (lingual, mental and mandibular) it’s onto the maxilla.  The first one I am going to show is the superior foramina of the nasopalatine canal.  The nasopalatine canal splits superiorly with an opening in the right and left nasal cavities.The […]