Radiographic Interpretation List

Updated November 17, 2014


Benign Neoplasms » (hyperplasias) EnostosisFocal Idiopathic OsteosclerosisMandibular ToriPalatal Tori

(odontogenic – epithelial) AmeloblastomaKeratocystic Odontogenic Tumor (aka Odontogenic Keratocyst)

(odontogenic – mesenchymal) Cementoblastoma

(mixed) Compound Odontoma


Cysts of the Jaws » Buccal Bifurcation CystDentigerous CystLateral Periodontal CystNasopalatine Canal CystPeriapical / Radicular CystSimple Bone Cyst


Maxillary Sinuses » Antral projection/antral exostosesAntrolithMucositisMucous retention pseudocystSinusitis


Other »  Retained deciduous root fragment


Periapical Inflammatory Diseases » (inflammation) Rarefying osteitisSclerosing osteitisWidened periodontal ligament space


Skeletal Developmental Abnormalities » Cleft Palate


Soft Tissue Calcifications / Ossifications » Arterial calcificationOssified stylohyoid ligamentRhinolithSialolithThyroid cartilageTonsilithTriticeal cartilage


Tooth Anomalies » (acquired) AbrasionAttritionExternal ResorptionHypercementosisInternal ResorptionPulp StonePulpal Sclerosis

(eruption abnormalities) AnkylosisEctopic EruptionTransposition

(number variations) OligodontiaSupernumerary Teeth

(shape variations – generalized) Amelogenesis ImperfectaDentin Dysplasia Type IIDentinogenesis ImperfectaRegional Odontodysplasia

(shape variations – localized) Dens EvaginatusDens InvaginatusDilacerationEnamel PearlGeminationTalon CuspTaurodontism

(size variations) MacrodontMicrodont


Trauma to the Teeth » (bone healing) Fibrous scarNormal bone healingRemnant lamina duraSclerotic bone healing

Coronal FracturesMandibular FracturesRoot Fracture – HorizontalRoot Fracture – Vertical

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