Locate the Object: September 2013 6

Onto another fun case to use your image shift and SLOB (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) information.

The object in question is the round radiolucent entity seen over the crown of the left central incisor.

What surface (buccal or lingual) is it on?

radiolucent area on crown of 9 periapical 1 radiolucent area on crown of 9 periapical 2The answer will be coming in two weeks (September 24th).  You can answer either in the comments, twitter (@DrGstoothpix) or wait.  If you have any questions, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Locate the Object: September 2013

  • Dr Jatin Gupta

    Radiolucent entity on left central incisor is present palatally because in first radiograph radiolucency is present distal to pulp canal and in second radiograph it has moved to mesial of pulp canal and central incisor has also moved mesially. Therefore acc to SLOB rule radiolucency is present palatally.

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      Yes, you have the movement of the radiolucent entity correct on the images but you must also remember to include the movement of the radiographs. From image 1 to image 2 it is moving distally and the radiolucent entity is moving opposite this direction making it to the facial. A more thorough answer will be coming on the 24th. 🙂

  • Dr Jatin Gupta

    thanks for correcting me mam. as i am a student in initial stage of learning and your guidance is helping me clear my concepts. I read again your previous explaination of how to interpret radiographs using SLOB rule, Acc to piont 1 of that explaination image source has moved in distal direction here therefore radiolucency is present facially. i would be grateful if u put some more radiographs to interpret using SLOB rule. thanks again mam

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      I will continue posting cases the second Tuesday of each month. In the future I may increase this to a case on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month for more practice. I’m glad you are finding it useful. 🙂

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