recurrent caries

Caries Interpretation: Recurrent Caries Answers 8

And now the answers from yesterdays recurrent caries practice. 1. Maxillary right premolar – distal Mandibular right first molar (#30) – mesial recurrent 2. Maxillary left second premolar (#13) – distal Mandibular left second molar (#18) – occlusal recurrent & mesial Mandibular left second premolar (#20) – occlusal recurrent & […]

Caries Interpretation: Recurrent Caries 8

This is the last post on the short caries interpretation series and it will be about recurrent caries.  When evaluating for recurrent caries look for a diffuse radiolucent area going away from the existing restoration margins typically towards the pulp chamber. Note the diffuse radiolucent areas apical to the interproximal […]