periodontal diseases

Periodontal radiographic assessment: Irritating factors (natural and man-made)

This week I will be going over other radiographic findings that should be noted as they are irritating to the surrounding soft tissue. Natural There are two entities in this category to be aware of; open contacts and calculus.  Open contacts can be either natural (as seen in the first […]

Periodontal radiographic assessment: Furcation involvement and Cortical plate loss 3

This week is all about furcation involvement and cortical plate loss.  I will not be classifying the different classes of furcation involvement just how it appears on radiographs. Furcation Involvement Furcation involvement is much easier to identify in the mandible due to the splayed nature of the mesial and distal […]

Periodontal radiographic assessment: Horizontal bone loss and Vertical bone defects 5

This week is all about the basics of horizontal bone loss and vertical bone defects on radiographs. Horizontal Bone Loss When identifying horizontal bone loss you must first go through the same steps of evaluating normal bone appearances (last weeks post).  The two lines (adjacent cemento-enamel junctions and crest of […]