incisive canal

Anatomy Monday: Canals on Intraoral Radiographs 1

Since a couple of weeks ago I went over foramina on intraoral radiographs (periapical radiographs and bitewings), I thought I’d keep on going with more and this time go over canals. There is 4 again with 2 in the maxilla and 2 in the mandible; however one of the two […]

Anatomy Monday: Incisive Foramen

Last week I showed the superior foramina of the nasopalatine canal and this week is the inferior foramen; the incisive foramen.  The incisive foramen presents as a round to ovoid radiolucent entity between the maxillary central incisors.  When the width of the incisive foramen is 10 mm (1 cm) or […]

Anatomy Monday: Nasopalatine Canal

It’s time for the next canal: the nasopalatine canal.  This canal may also be referred to as the incisive canal.  It is seen on both intraoral radiographs and extraoral radiographs.  The nasopalatine canal presents as a vertical radiolucent band between the roots of the maxillary central incisors superiorly to the […]