Social Media Roundup

I thought I’d use this as a chance to review all my social media out there as well as state that I have started a new one to see if I like it as a way to share information. So onto what’s going on starting with the newest one first.


I have finally created an Instagram account – @drgstoothpix

I will be posting images here similar to what I’ve already been doing on Twitter. I am planning on using the Stories for a mixture of what I do outside my radiology work as well as fun findings in short video form.  As I stated above this is a new endeavor and I want to see if people like this medium or not. I’ll update in a year to see if people like this and will choose to continue or not.


I’ve been using twitter since 2009 (holy crap I didn’t realize it has been that long) with the handle @DrGstoothpix 

I use this to post my #Radiographoftheday which is a mixture of fun findings and educational images. I also cross post any new video from YouTube and posts from this site as well.


I primarily started the YouTube channel as a way to create how-to videos for my students and over time have made many of these public.  My YouTube channel is DrGstoothpix  

I am continuing to create more educational videos on different radiographic findings as well as different basics of radiology to help those who may be in school.


I started Pinterest as a way to link to all the other websites I or my students have come across that I find accurate and helpful for those wanting to learn more about different aspects of radiology.  My Pinterest is again DrGstoothpix 

Some of the boards are a little light on posts but that’s more to my not coming across a ton of pages I’d recommend to others but I’m sure they are out there and as I find them I will share them with you.

If you are on any of these and want to check them out, please do and let me know if you’d like to see more on any specific site or not.  Thanks and enjoy!