Oral Radiology websites

App time: Pantomograph positioning app (Apple & Android) 3

I recently found an app that shows good examples of pantomograph positioning as well as errors in positioning.  Before I get to that I’d like to address some issues some people have been running into trying to view the University of North Carolina website on pantomograph positioning.  Several people have […]

Oral Radiology site of the month: Ohio State University

This month take a look at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry page on caries interpretation.  Caries interpretation is a very challenging thing for students to learn and many still struggle their first few years in practice.  This site goes over the basics of radiographic caries interpretation along with […]

Oral Radiology site of the month: Virginia Commonwealth University

This month take a look at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry radiology and pathology website.  There is not a ton when it comes to showing radiographic lesions, but it does have a good page on normal radiographic anatomy.  The anatomy page is all words but each underlined word […]