Case of the Week: Osteoma Cutis 1

Happy New Year!

This is a fun case that would always stump the students on the exact name of this entity.  We also came across it so often that one student crossed out the description of rare in their radiology book to use in the viewing room. 🙂

Osteoma cutis is an ossification in the skin of the cheeks typically seen on posterior periapical radiographs and/or bitewing radiographs.  They are also visible on cone beam CT scans in not only cheeks and sometimes the chin; however, this example is only on 2D radiographs. They appear as round, radiopaque entities in the posterior region. This is a fun example as these are a little larger than the ones I typically come across.

Along with this case I have also created a page with more examples of osteoma cutis – check it out!

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