Case of the week: Chronic Apical Periodontitis 4

This week is a follow up to last week with a case of chronic apical periodontitis.  The primary difference of chronic apical periodontitis versus acute apical periodontitis is the presence of sclerotic bone formation.  This sclerotic bone formation (sometimes referred to as sclerosing osteitis) may present in one of three ways.  Radiographically this will appear as an area of increased bone deposition near the source of inflammation, which is frequently the apex.

  • Sclerosing osteitis only

  • Sclerosing osteitis + Widened periodontal ligament space

  • Sclerosing osteitis + Rarefying osteitis

  (And yes, the distal root of the molar doesn’t look too good either. 🙂 )

If you have any questions or comments about this, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!


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