N is for number (LESION) 2

Now onto the last letter of LESION, the N for number.  This is identifying the number of radiographic entities present.  If there are multiple entities/lesions note the location of those.  It is important to note that multiple entities on a radiograph do not necessarily mean that they are the same entity/lesion, but may be two different entities/lesions.  Describe both entities/lesions to determine the next step of treatment.

Single entity/lesion

Multiple entities/lesions

Remember the best way to get better and become more comfortable with describing is to practice on more radiographs.


2 thoughts on “N is for number (LESION)

  • C.Li

    This blog is great! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have radiography explained so clearly and concisely! I was wondering if it was possible to give a diagnosis, or even differential diagnosis to the lesions we’re seeing. Especially for the more obscure ones, that last one with the multiple lesion?! What is that! And also earlier there was a radiograph with a linear radio-opacity, what was it?
    Thanks again!

    • Dr. Shawneen Gonzalez Post author

      Thanks and I’m glad you are finding the site helpful :). The two entities shown on this post are a cementoblastoma (first case) and osteoma cutis (second case).

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