soft tissue

Anatomy Monday: Nasolabial Fold

Off to a fun anatomy to start the new year off and it’s been a while since I’ve shown a few more examples of this one. This one sometimes tricks a few people at first when trying to figure it out. This week is a soft tissue entity visible on both […]

Anatomy Monday: Nasolabial Fold (soft tissue) 3

This week is another soft tissue entity that can be seen on both intraoral and extraoral radiographs. The nasolabial fold presents as a diagonal transition line. A transition line is seen as a defined line where part of the radiograph appears more radiopaque due to superimposition of soft tissue. The […]

Anatomy Monday: Epiglottis (soft tissue)

This week I wanted to show off something not commonly looked at or for on pantomographs; the epiglottis. The epiglottis will appear near the inferior aspect of the radiograph as a curved radiopaque entity. It may be superimposed over the hyoid or inferior border of the mandible.  If the airway […]