Case of the Week: Dens invaginatus

This week I have a case of dens invaginatus.  Dens invaginatus is an infolding of enamel from the incisal or occlusal surface of a tooth.  It is most commonly associated with maxillary lateral incisors but can be found on many other teeth in the oral cavity.  This case is a maxillary lateral incisor.  Note the inverted teardrop radiopacity in the area of the pulp chamber.  The radiopacity is that of enamel.  There is a metallic restoration near the infolding to prevent bacteria from entering the area.  This is a common treatment to help prevent a carious lesion in the area of the dens invaginatus as it can not be easily cleaned.

For more information and other radiographs of dens invaginatus check out my page on dens invaginatus.


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