horizontal angle

SLOB rule (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) examples with answers 2

The last few weeks I have posted several radiographs to practice the SLOB rule using both vertical angle changes and horizontal angle changes.  Below are the examples again with the location of the labeled ‘unknown’ object along with the results of the online polls to state your answer. Vertical Angle […]

SLOB rule (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) horizontal angle change practice 2

This week is using the SLOB rule or image shift to determine the location of an object with changes in horizontal angles. Answers from last week Example 1 – diamond object is located to the buccal Example 2 – lightning bolt object is located to the buccal Example 1 Example […]

Radiographic Technique: Horizontal Angle 3

What is horizontal angle? Horizontal angle refers to the position the Position Indicating Device (PID or cone) is along the axial plane.    Horizontal angle can be increased or decreased.  A zero degree horizontal angle is when the PID is positioned parallel with the sagittal plane.  Increasing horizontal angle moves it towards […]