common radiographic errors

Radiographic Technique: Patient preparation

I thought I’d end this short series on radiographic technique dealing with a more humorous aspect of the radiographs I see.  This has to do with proper patient preparation.  Patient preparation is the removal of metal, partials or complete dentures from the path of the x ray beam.  As a […]

Radiographic Technique: Central Ray Entry

What is central ray entry? Central ray entry is where the PID/cone is centered on the patient.  While this may seem to be the easiest thing to do, central ray entry errors are very common.  There really is only one central ray entry error and that is when the PID […]

Radiographic Technique: Vertical Angle 4

What is vertical angle? Vertical angle refers to the position the Position Indicating Device (PID or cone) is along the coronal and/or sagittal planes.    A zero degree vertical angle is when the PID is positioned parallel with the axial plane.  A positive vertical angle is when the source of radiation […]