Anatomy Monday: Zygomatico-temporal suture

I thought I’d have some fun with today’s anatomy by posting one that is not always visualized on pantomographs and sometimes is mistaken for a fracture when it is visualized.  The zygomatico-temporal suture is the junction of the zygomatic bone and temporal bone in the zygomatic arch.  It varies on how often it is fused on patients so it may not be visible at all, visible unilaterally or visible bilaterally.

Note the zig-zag line in the zygomatic arch (black and white arrows) on Bob (my handy dandy dry skull) :).

This will present on radiographs as a radiolucent line with a zig-zag or diagonal pattern through the zygomatic arch.

If you have any questions, please let me know below. Thanks and enjoy! 

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