Case of the Week: Cleft Palate

This week I have a case of an unilateral cleft palate with surgery to close the defect. Cleft palate presents as a vertical linear radiolucent defect in the bone in the maxillary lateral incisor region.  Treatment of bone grafting is shown on this case.

unilateral cleft palate prior to surgeryPantomograph showing right unilateral cleft palate with a discontinuity of the floor of the nasal cavity.

unilateral cleft palate after surgeryPantomograph post surgery

unilateral cleft palate after surgery periapical radiographPeriapical radiograph post surgery with intact floor of the nasal cavity

Here is another educational video by Dental Class of 2015 student Lizzie Powers.

If you have any questions or comments on cleft palate, please leave them below. Thanks and enjoy!