Case of the week: Dentin Dysplasia Type II

Due to ensuring this site in no way violates HIPPA and pleases the lawyers, I am changing the series title of ‘This week in the clinic’ to ‘Case of the week’ to ensure there is no confusion that the case presented was possibly seen in the clinic that specific week (as it was not).  🙂 The disclaimer will still be included at the end.

This week I am sharing a case that was actually presented to me by another dentist, Dr. Nazim Shahi.  This is a very interesting case as I do not come across this entity very often (meaning hardly at all).   Dentin dysplasia is similar to dentinogenesis imperfecta but is much less common.  Type II is the coronal type indicating the most drastic changes are visible in the coronal portion of tooth, specifically the pulp chambers.

Note the ‘thistle’ or ‘flame’ shape of the pulp chambers below with a decreased size of the root canal space.  The changes to the pulp chamber and root canal space do not occur until the tooth erupts.

A big thank you to Dr. Shahi for sharing this case with me.

For more information and radiographic examples of dentin dysplasia type II click here.  Enjoy!

Case of the week is a weekly series featuring cases I have come across or have been shared with me since I started in the dental field.  These cases have been collected from throughout the United States and world.  While the series title is ‘Case of the week’, this does not imply the case was actually seen this week in the clinic.