Case of the Week: Transposition

Transposition is when two teeth switch locations (positions) in the arch.  Frequently this occurs with the maxillary canine and first premolar.  This case is an example of a mandibular canine switching locations (positions) with the lateral incisor.  The case is a little tricky to see at first, but look closely at the coronal anatomy of the teeth, especially on the bitewing. It is evident that this is a lateral incisor next to the first premolar.



This week in the clinic is a weekly series featuring cases I have come across since starting in the dental field.  These cases have been collected from throughout the United States and world by me and others.  While the series title is ‘This week in the clinic’, that does not necessarily mean the case was actually seen this week in the clinic nor at my place of work but is merely an interesting case I want to share for the week.