I is for internal structure (LESION)

Next is the internal structure of a lesion.  There are only three primary descriptions with this letter.  They are radiolucent, radiopaque and mixed radiolucent/radiopaque.

Radiolucent has two subcategories.  The first is unilocular.  This refers to a lesion/entity that is completely radiolucent.  The second is multilocular.  This refers to a lesion/entity that has bony septa within the lesion/entity.  When describing a radiolucent lesion/entity, you should also note if it is unilocular or multilocular. Radiopaque is a lesion/entity that is completely radiopaque.  Mixed radiolucent/radiopaque is a lesion/entity that has both components within the area in question.

Unilocular radiolucent

Multilocular radiolucent


Mixed radiolucent/radiopaque

Remember the best way to get better and become more comfortable with describing is to practice on more radiographs.