Monthly Archives: July 2011

Case of the Week: Abrasion 2

This week I have a case of toothpick abrasion.  This case was from the patient holding a toothpick between their premolars for large portions of the day. Note the notching between the two maxillary premolars.  I don’t have a time frame of how long this has been going on.  And […]

Creating a system for interpreting radiographs

When interpreting radiographs it’s easy to look at the area of concern (most commonly a tooth associated with pain) and forgetting to thoroughly evaluate the entire radiograph.  From a legal standpoint, a dentist is legally responsible for everything captured on a radiograph, not just the teeth.  Many dental practitioners can […]

Case of the Week: External resorption 1

This week I wanted to show a common finding on radiographs with many different causes, external resorption. Frequently external resorption is idiopathic; however it can also occur due to an inflammatory process, neoplasm or adjacent teeth.  This case is external resorption due to an impacted third molar, which had been […]

Oral Radiology site of the month: Ohio State University

This month take a look at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry page on caries interpretation.  Caries interpretation is a very challenging thing for students to learn and many still struggle their first few years in practice.  This site goes over the basics of radiographic caries interpretation along with […]

Case of the Week: Pulp stone

This week I have a case of a pulp stone in the root canal space of a maxillary canine.  Pulp stones are incidental findings and do not need treatment.  This case is slightly enlarging the shape of the root canal.  Pulp stones present as a radiopaque entity in either the […]