coronoid process

Lateral Cephalometric Skull Anatomy – Part V

Today is all about the mandible. Condyle (black curved dotted line) Coronoid process (white triangular dotted line) Mandibular first molar (green oval) Infradentale (yellow dotted arrow) – Superior facial bone height near the level of the cemento-enamel junction of the mandibular incisors. B point (white solid arrow) – The posteriormost […]

Anatomy Monday: Coronoid Process (mandible)

The coronoid process is the superior aspect of the anterior portion of the ramus of the mandible.  It is visible on intraoral radiographs but not mandibular periapical radiographs instead it is seen on maxillary molar periapical radiographs.  This typically due to the posterior placement of the image receptor and holder […]

Anatomy on Radiographs: Pantomographs Part 1 5

Ok, I am back and now onto pantomographs. Since these images are larger and will take up much more space I have decided to break them down into 2 parts.  I also will have several anatomy identified on each radiograph as well.  Here we go. Mandible *The mandibular condyle (two […]