tooth anomalies

Case of the Week: Gemination

This week is a fun case of bilateral gemination.  Gemination presents as an abnormally large tooth where the overall arch count is still 16 (not to be confused with fusion which reduces the arch count to 15).  This case shows gemination bilaterally associated with the mandibular third molars. Here is […]

Case of the Week: Internal Resorption treated with endodontic therapy

This week I have a case of internal resorption that was treated with endodontic therapy.  Internal resorption presents as a well-defined radiolucent area that is continuous with the pulp chamber and/or root canal space causing an overall enlargement in size.  Here it is evident on a maxillary central incisor. And […]

Case of the Week: Mesiodens (supernumerary tooth)

This week I have a case of a single supernumerary tooth in the anterior maxilla which may also be referred to as a mesiodens due to its location.  Take a look for it first on the pantomograph (it’s a little trickier to see).  Then compare it to the anterior periapical […]

Case of the Week: Taurodontism

This week I have a case with multiple areas of taurodontism and another educational video.  Taurodontism is a multi-rooted tooth with an elongated body and shortened roots. This case shows this on the mandibular right third molar and and left second molar. The bitewing radiograph shows the mandibular left second […]