occlusal caries

Caries Interpretation: Occlusal Caries Answers

Onto the answers for occlusal caries interpretation practice. 1. Maxillary right second molar (#2) = occlusal decay Maxillary right first molar (#3) = occlusal decay Mandibular right first molar (#30) = occlusal decay 2. Maxillary left first molar (#14) = occlusal decay 3. Maxillary left second molar (#15) = occlusal […]

Caries Interpretation: Occlusal Caries 4

Now onto occlusal caries, which are more often found clinically when small.  Here’s the goods. A well-localized radiolucent band/area is seen at the dentino-enamel junction of the occlusal surface. It starts as a band following the junction but as it grows will become more of an area. Note the radiolucent […]