lateral cephalometric skull anatomy

Lateral Cephalometric Skull Anatomy – Part III

Now onto the temporal region. Zygomatic Arch (green area) – Made up by the zygomatic bone and zygomatic process of the temporal bone. Mandibular Notch (blue line) – Notch between the condyle and coronoid process of the mandible. Posterior margin of the ramus (white line) – Just as the name […]

Lateral Cephalometric Skull Anatomy – Part II 8

Onto part 2 of lateral cephalometric skull anatomy frequently used in orthodontics. Again identified on a dry skull first followed by the radiograph. Orbitale (black star) – The lowest point of the orbital margin (also the anterior point for the Frankfort horizontal plane). Key ridge (green heart) – The inferior […]

Lateral Cephalometric Skull Anatomy – Part I 1

I had a request a couple months ago wanting more anatomy on lateral cephalometric skull radiographs specifically those landmarks used in orthodontics. As I am not an orthodontist and do not make tracings of lateral cephalometric skull I will not be going over how to trace but where the anatomical […]