dental treatment

Case of the Week: Ceramic crowns

This week I am showing a dental material that seems to confuse many new students in the clinic.  So here are some examples of ceramic crowns.  The radiopaque line seen around the prep is the cement. (I realize this isn’t as exciting or interesting as some of my other cases, […]

Case of the Week: Resection and Extraction

This weeks case is that of a combination of a resection and partial extraction.  This case involves a third molar where the crown was resected and extracted but the roots were left in the bone.  I don’t have any history to know the exact reason as to why the roots […]

Case of the Week: Fun restorative work

This week I have a few cases of some fun restorative work.  While I’m sure the goal was to remove decay the final appearance on radiographs is quite fun to look at. This one was a hit on twitter and thanks to @EndoExcel connecting me with @SpontaneSmiley I submitted to […]

Case of the Week: Natural tooth pontic 2

This week I have a case of being resourceful when restoring the oral cavity.  This case shows the crowns of the maxillary central incisors were separated from the roots and used as pontics while the bone was healing (with graft material) prior to implants being placed.  There isn’t much more […]