Monthly Archives: November 2012

Case of the week: Double Lingual Foramina 4

This weeks case is an interesting variant of normal anatomy – two lingual foramina seen on a periapical radiograph.  Some patients can have up to three lingual foramina. Note the two well-defined, circular radiolucent entities inferior to the mandibular central incisors.  The superior one is larger than the inferior one. […]

Radiographic Quality Evaluation: Bad Pantomographs (Part 1) 1

This week will be covering the first 2 criteria for an ideal pantomograph and what happens to the final image when they are not met. 1. Patient has anterior teeth in notches on bite block. Error: Patient positioned too far anteriorly or posteriorly in the unit creating minification (too far […]

SLOB rule (Same-Lingual, Opposite-Buccal) horizontal angle change practice 2

This week is using the SLOB rule or image shift to determine the location of an object with changes in horizontal angles. Answers from last week Example 1 – diamond object is located to the buccal Example 2 – lightning bolt object is located to the buccal Example 1 Example […]