Monthly Archives: February 2012

X is for x ray: Image sharpness

Today I’m onto image sharpness.  There are three different characteristics we will be looking at; target size, film composition and patient movement. Target size The target size is just that, the target size in an x ray unit.  This is fixed by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by the […]

Case of the Week: Dens invaginatus with clinical photo

This week I have a case of dens invaginatus.  I have shown a case of dens invaginatus before but this time I have a clinical photo to show the infolding of the enamel.  This case is involving a mandibular premolar.  The radiograph shows a radiopaque inverted triangle with a radiolucent […]

X is for x ray: Image magnification

I gave a lecture recently for the dental hygiene students reviewing for their dental hygiene written boards (NBDHE) and it gave me some ideas for topic posts. So for the next 4 posts I will be talking about x rays, image magnification, image distortion, PID length, etc.  The students told […]