x ray

x ray unit settings: time 4

This last setting on the x ray unit is one that can be changed on all x rays units.  🙂  However, it is also one of the least changed settings I have come across in private offices. Newer x ray units typically have preset times for different areas of the […]

x ray unit settings: milliampere (mA) 1

This week will be covering the milliampere or mA setting on an x ray unit.  Changing the mA affects the QUANTITY of x rays produced.  Some units have a fixed mA (typically in the range of 7 – 12) and some are changeable (from 5 – 15).  For those units […]

x ray unit settings: kilovoltage peak (kVp) 14

This is the beginning of a 4 week series going over the settings on a x ray unit and how they affect image quality.  The first topic I am going to cover is kilovoltage peak or kVp.  Changing the kVp on a unit is directly associated with the overall contrast […]

Why a radiograph and x ray are not the same thing 16

Many, many people and dental professionals incorrectly use the term x ray when referring to a radiograph.  I am quite the nitpick on this and other terminology, which drives my students up the walls from time to time.  I’m not sure why or how everyone learned to incorrectly identify a […]