x ray

All about attenuation of x rays 1

Attenuation is when the quantity of x rays is reduced by either absorption or scatter as it travels through matter.   Absorption is when x ray photons ionize atoms and transfer its energy to electrons (i.e. photoelectric effect).  Scattering is when the x ray photons are ejected out of the primary […]

X is for x ray: Image Density

Today is all about image density and how different settings on the x ray unit as well as the subject being imaged will effect this.  The four topics I will be covering are: milliampere (mA), kilovoltage peak (kVp), exposure time, and subject thickness.  I have covered some of these topics […]

x ray unit settings: time 4

This last setting on the x ray unit is one that can be changed on all x rays units.  🙂  However, it is also one of the least changed settings I have come across in private offices. Newer x ray units typically have preset times for different areas of the […]