trauma to teeth and jaws

Case of the Week: Vertical root fracture

This week I am showcasing an extreme case of vertical root fracture.  This case had complete separation of the two fragments.  I didn’t put an arrow on this radiograph, but I’m sure you can see where the root is split in two.  As this is an extreme case I recommend […]

Case of the Week: Remnant lamina dura

This week I am showing a case of remnant lamina dura.  Lamina dura is the bony socket which houses a tooth in the jaws.  When teeth are extracted the lamina dura is usually resorbed with no evidence of the bony socket after healing.  Sometimes there may be portions of the […]

Case of the Week: Coronal fracture

This week I decided to showcase a case of coronal (crown) fracture associated with a posterior tooth.  Coronal fractures are more commonly associated with anterior teeth, specifically the maxillary incisors.  This case was a cusp fracture of a maxillary premolar with the other cusp still present.  There is a sharp […]