supernumerary teeth

Case of the week: Developing Distodens (supernumerary teeth) 4

This week is a neat case showing two distodens developing in the mandible.  Distodens are supernumerary teeth found in the molar region. Note distal to the mandibular left (developing) third molar is another follicle with the enamel evident.  On the patients right side, only the follicle is evident.  No calcified […]

Case of the Week: Supernumerary teeth and Impaction 2

This week I have a case of 2 for 1 (two findings on one radiograph). 😀 The first is the impaction of the mandibular molars.  If you look at the patients left, you’ll see the crowns of the two molars appearing as if they are in occlusion in the mandible.  […]

Case of the Week: Mesiodens

This week I have a fun case of two mesiodens that appear to be erupting towards the nasal cavity.  Mesiodens are supernumerary teeth (extra teeth) found in the anterior region.  Mesiodens are more common in the maxilla than the mandible.  They frequently disrupt eruption of other adjacent teeth.  This case […]