radiographic interpretation

Case of the week: Normal pantomograph imaging mimicking disease 4

This week I wanted to show an area on pantomographs that I am frequently asked about.  The area I am talking about is the radiolucent area as noted by the yellow areas inferior to the mandibular posterior teeth. This area is typically where an observers eye are drawn due to […]

Case of the week: Dentin Dysplasia Type II

Due to ensuring this site in no way violates HIPPA and pleases the lawyers, I am changing the series title of ‘This week in the clinic’ to ‘Case of the week’ to ensure there is no confusion that the case presented was possibly seen in the clinic that specific week […]

Cone Beam CT: Caries Interpretation

Today I am going to give a little taste of a very hot topic currently involving cone beam CT and caries interpretation.  While this debate is strongly divided, I would like to add a few thoughts and show what current research has found. Current Research The current research is a […]